Hotel Wedding Banquet – Questions To Ask Before Signing

The tradition of holding a wedding banquet dinner is still very much prevalent in Singapore. Weddings are joyous occasions for family and friends to gather, chit chat and catch up on old times. Elderly relatives frequently look forward to weddings as it is a time to watch the beginning of a new generation and catch up with relatives, while for friends, it is a time to reminisce about school days, and even how your relationship developed under their eyes.

Wedding Venues

But before you sign on the dotted line, do make sure that you ask these questions so that you are prepared for the commitment. We will also highlight some questions which are common for brides to be concerned about.

1. Is The Ballroom Pillar-Less?

Some hotel ballrooms are pillar-less, while some ballrooms are not. It greatly depends on the individual architecture of the hotel. Most brides prefer pillar-less ballrooms so that the guests’ view will not be obstructed. However, if the pillar-less ballroom is not available for your wedding date, one with pillars will do fine as well. Some hotels do offer an extra screen to mirror what is going on at the stage, so that those guests with blocked views do not miss out on the fun.

2. How Much is The Deposit?

The amount of deposit to be placed varies from hotel to hotel. Two common standards are: A fixed deposit amount, or a percentage of the total bill. If it is nearer the wedding date, a higher deposit amount may be requested.

3. Is The Package Transferable?

Unexpected situations may arise which could result in having to forgo the wedding banquet package. In these instances, you may wish to sell off the package to another bride-to-be. Check whether the wedding banquet package is transferable, so as to give yourself a peace of mind if any unexpected situations occur.

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