Kinds of Wedding Invitations

Primarily, you will send the wedding invitation to inform your guests the when, where, and other details of your upcoming wedding. But it does more than that: your invitation will give your guests their first impression of your wedding as it is the first detail they’ll have that will clue them on what to expect from your wedding.

There are different types of wedding invitations based on their appearance. Here are some popular kinds for you to choose from.


1. Contemporary – You can have this kind of invitation for a casual, laid-back wedding. You can make them as creative as you can get and as personalized as you want. It is most flexible in terms of matching the theme and color motif of your wedding. Some couples flaunt their flair like using their cartoon versions rather than an actual photo of themselves on the invitation.


2. Handwritten – If you want to get personal and intimate with this wedding detail go for the handwritten invitations. If you’re having only a few guests for a casual gathering, you can definitely make the invitations yourself. Just select a special stationary, prepare the content, and let your strokes glide across the paper.


3. Computer Printed – This is a cost-efficient invitation, as well as a labor-saving one. It is quite easy to do and you can even DIY it. If you know how to use image editing and publishing softwares such as Adobe Photoshop and MS Publisher, you can get more creative with your printouts. With specialized software, you can have a variety of fonts and layouts to choose from.


4. Thermo Graph – For a traditional and semi-formal to formal wedding, thermo graphed invitations would be appropriate. It has an embossed-look appearance because of the ink that is mixed with dry particles that dry up on paper with a 2D effect. This is also an affordable alternative to engraved invitations.


5. Engraved – The most expensive type of invitation is the engraved kind. It is the choice for formal weddings with no budget constraints. This type of invitation has a costly production as it uses copper plates in which the message of the invitation is engraved. These plates are then pressed on paper with ink to create letters that are raised on the paper as though they are embossed.

In choosing your wedding invitation style, consider your wedding theme and formality so that your guests will know what to expect. Take this opportunity not just to invite and inform your guests of your wedding but also to give them a glimpse of what it will be like.

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