Phoebe & Jonah – A Romantic Tale of Two Taste Buddies

A Romantic Tale of Two Taste Buddies

Featuring Newlyweds:
Phoebe Fong and Jonah Wong

Appetizer: From Rivalry to Romance

In 2012, Phoebe and Jonah set out to be crowned as Singapore’s ideal urban executive in MyPaper’s 3 month-long nationwide Executive Search. But while neither may have gotten the title, they got something much more valuable – a partner for life. The couple, which married on the 8th of Feb this year, says that the contest is an experience they’ll remember for the rest of their lives.

Phoebe, an associate manager, recalls that during the competition, she and Jonah had already started supporting of each other, trading tips and insights with the other contestants over drinks. But with Phoebe’s dazzling smile and winsome personality and Jonah’s good humour and conversational skill, the two couldn’t help getting close to each other as the contest progressed. Jonah, a marketing manager, says that after their first few meetings, he and Phoebe were already sending hundreds of SMSs to each other every day.

The couple quickly bonded through their shared passion for good food and sense of adventure, spending their weekends visiting new restos and other dining places that Phoebe would then feature in her food blog. For their first anniversary, Jonah chose to celebrate at St. Michael’s Hotel in RWS and, as they exchanged gifts, gave Phoebe what is probably the best thing a girl could be given: her very own customized diamond engagement ring.

Looking back at how their relationship started, Phoebe sums it up perfectly: “The fact is neither of us won the contest but we won each other.”

Entrée: Full Course Celebration

For their pre-wedding pictures, Phoebe and Jonah decided that a professional overseas photoshoot entails too many risks and so instead chose local attractions Hort Park, Marina Bay Sands and Gardens by the Bay, with the bride wearing a daring black gown from My Dream Wedding and the groom wearing a suit from Jhasper Fashion. The couple also had DIY pre-wedding pictures that they took themselves during their travels in different countries, including Italy and Switzerland.

The couple wanted a wedding with a touch of whimsy to reflect their meeting and love story. To achieve that effect, they chose Regent Singapore with its dazzlingly opulent black-and-red Morrocan theme. One striking element of their wedding was the couple’s customized cards, which didn’t look so much as a wedding invitation but a royal edict summoning guests to witness a majestic wedding. The end result was a royal affair that was part Alice in Wonderland, part Willy Wonka, and a wedding like none other.

Expectations were high for the wedding, but our royal couple did not fail to deliver. The groom looked adorably handsome in a navy blue suit (pre-wedding) and slim-waisted tuxedo (first march in), while the bride was every bit the Queen in her white ball gown complete with a crown and diamond necklace (pre-wedding) and a unique, verdant A-line wedding dress and natural make-up (first-march in).

Among the other highlights of the event were the splendid decorations and accessories (some of which, like the table flower and groomsmen’s boutonnieres, were DIY-ed by Phoebe herself), a candy station replete with the couple’s favourite sweets, an exotic-looking 5-tiered wedding cake, and a croquembouche tower, a special French dessert made of choux pastry balls and caramel threads.

“The guests loved the food so much that none of it was left for us,” Jonah happily “laments”, while Phoebe recalls the event as, “A really heartfelt day with so many emotions rushing through.”

Dessert: Delectable Memories

Feedback from the wedding guests were overwhelmingly positive. As expected, the couple’s unusual wedding card, with its impressive design and text, was especially appreciated. But if there was one thing all the guests could agree on, it’s that the food was simply amazing. The children guests flocked to the candy station until all the sweets were gone, while the plated chocolate caramel cake with vanilla icecream, in lieu of the traditional Chinese desserts, was another big hit among guests.

Phoebe says, “Food is always top priority for us since I am a food blogger and he loves food too.”

More than appeasing their guest’s appetite, the couple also filled their hearts with emotions with the speeches they delivered for their dearest family and friends at the church ceremony and during dinner.

Bridal Studio: My Dream Wedding
Groom’s Suit: Jhasper Fashion (Bangkok)
Wedding Venue (Ceremony): Bethesda Frankel Estate Church
Wedding Venue (Banquet): Regent Singapore
Photography: Julius Ng
Videography: Lighthouse Studios
Wedding Décor: Olive 3
Catery: Rasel Catering
Wedding Cake: The Patissier
Make-up Artist: TG Goh
Emicakes: Push N Pop Cakes

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