Showing Your Wedding Gown Personality

You’re a bride with a strong personality and you follow your own style. This article can help let that show through your wedding gown without anyone fussing about your attire.

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If you’re the type of woman who likes to play around traditions, or one who has always had a bit of a rebel streak, then the traditional white gown is probably not your ideal outfit for your wedding. However, wearing something too liberal or indulgent – a low-cut Victorian dress with top hat instead of a veil, say, or a flowing silk gown in deep red and black – may lead to unhappy reactions that might just spoil the celebration. How to find the perfect compromise? Follow the five steps below.

1. Explore your color options

Some of your friends and family may disapprove of your chosen wedding gown only because of its color. If you want a black gown, but your groom’s mother would certainly cry her eyes out if you wear one, you might want to tone the color down to midnight blue or just go for white and have your bridesmaids wear black instead. Optionally, you can also wear something more traditional during the wedding and then change to something closer to your style for the reception.

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2. Give your attendees a heads-up

If you’re going to wear something unconventional as you walk down the aisle and recite your vows, informing your wedding guests and participants about it beforehand can greatly diffuse any negative reaction. If they don’t know your plan, they might be very shocked by your outfit, which may lead to a tense, uneasy atmosphere. But if they do know, they will feel that they are part of the idea and may even come to support it.

3. Check out and try on different styles

One of the good things in the wedding industry today, even here in Singapore, is that people are more open to different styles. That means you have more options, and it’s easier to have a dress that suits your style and personality, but wouldn’t clash with the expectations of your older guests. Additionally, there are wedding gowns today that have dual designs (the so-called 2-in-1 gowns), with one arrangement looking conservative, and another showing a little more skin.

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4. Consider the setting of your wedding

Do you fancy wearing a bikini on your wedding (and trust us, it’s been done) without causing controversy? Well, you can’t if you’re getting wed inside a cathedral, but you can get away with it if you’re having a beach wedding. Want to show some flesh in a widely-attended church ceremony? Just go for a body-skimming sheath gown with a generous neckline or a thigh-high slit. It’s a classy look that’s sure to get people looking, but not too radical as to cause a commotion.

5. Verify your officiant’s approval

There are few wedding scenarios more awkward than an officiant refusing to proceed with the ceremony until the bride changes to something less ostentatious. Especially here in Singapore, the bride and groom, and even the guests, should take care to respect their religion and ethnic background by wearing appropriate clothing. If you think that your officiant might have a problem with your wedding dress, discuss it with him in advance and make the necessary changes. It’s better to get married in a less-than ideal dress, than not getting married at all.

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