Tips in Choosing a Wedding Videographer

We all want the memories of our Big Day to be kept forever, and that’s what a wedding videographer is for! What wedding photos cannot capture, wedding videography will bring to the table. For those priceless moments from the walk down the aisle to the bouquet throwing, having them recorded in video allows for many years of re-watching and reminiscing. Seeing the reactions of your guests on film is never the same as simply photos! So let’s get started on what you need to know to choose a good videographer.


Where to Shortlist?

First, you have to shortlist the companies or freelance videographers you’re considering to hire. Talking to your married friends who got their wedding recorded on video by a professional is a good start. They often give little nuggets of advice that would be wise for pre-weds to seek. If your social circle does not have anyone who got their wedding video professionally done, you can check out our Videography listings right here at Perfect Weddings. We’ve already shortlisted many quality videographers to make your job easier!

Once you have narrowed down your choices, contact them and arrange for a personal meeting. To make things easier, keep a list of important details about them, such as the name of their company, contact persons, their address, contact numbers and price estimations.

Next, The Meeting

Talent and skill usually vary from one videographer to another. Ensure that whatever footage you are shown as portfolio, is the work of the professional who will be in charge of your wedding, and not those of the other videographers in the studio. This will help to guarantee that the quality of your own wedding video will match those of their best work. Of course, keep in mind that variations of the packages given may result in slightly different quality, length and visual effects in your wedding video. Choose one that fits your needs, and be practical about whether you need those extra items in your package, or whether you can afford it.

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