Top 30 Garden Wedding Venues in Singapore

Make your wedding extra special by celebrating it in a lush green garden filled with an array of vibrant and fragrant flowers, enshrined with the panoramic view of mountains and rushing flow of the seas and rivers.

Here are the top 30 venues in Singapore that feature picturesque natural grounds perfect for an awesome garden wedding.

1. Sentosa Resort & Spa

Courtesy of Singapore Resort Sentosa

The Sentosa features all kinds of garden venues couples might look for. Its Spice Island Point is perfect for an open-air affair, while the poolside Garden Villa is designed for intimacy and sophistication. Meanwhile, serenity is the main feature of the Courtyard, which is surrounded by lily ponds, while the breathtaking view of the sea is the crown of the Gazebo. For larger parties, couples may choose between the Ginger Room that features a beautiful terrace, the Straits Ballroom with its panoramic vistas of tropical gardens, or the elegant and private Beaufort Ballroom.

2. Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa

Courtesy of Amara Sanctuary Resort’s Facebook page

Amara Sanctuary Resort’s lush greenery will certainly add a delightful and tropical touch to the solemnisation. Couples can exchange their vows inside the impressive glass pavilion with its crystalline chairs, while everyone delights their eyes with the refreshing view of the surrounding tropical foliage. Due to its natural majesty, the venue only needs light decoration to make each wedding unique. But for couples who want a grander setting, the place can also be filled with stunning floral arrangements.

3. Bottle Tree Pte Ltd

Courtesy of Bottle Tree Park’s Facebook page

The soothing environment of exotic trees, luxurious greenery and pristine lake will serenade couples as they exchange their lifetime vows at Bottle Tree Pte Ltd. Here, couples can choose to have their solemnisation at the Lake House (up to 150 guests) or the Stage Pavilion (up to 900 guests). Greater effect can be achieved by simply adding candle lights for an evening affair or balloons with ribbons for a daytime celebration. The view of the natural kampong landscape envelopes the whole event in a tranquil ambiance.

4. Fort Canning Park

Courtesy of National Parks Singapore

A wedding with a dash of ardour made more romantic by surrounding colonial-style structures is what’s offered at the Fort Canning Park. As a historic landmark, Fort Canning naturally creates a sense of nostalgia and gives each wedding the impression of being held in past and more genial times. Even at the heart of Singapore, couples and guests will feel secluded as the park’s trees and foliage drown out the noises of the city.

5. Villa Halia

Courtesy of Villa Halia

Villa Halia is suitable for guests who love both the excitement of the outdoors and the feeling of luxury of formal celebrations. With its unique location at the Singapore Botanic Gardens, it is an ideal venue for a natural setting. The Halia features three function areas – the Courtyard, Gallery Room, and the Drawing Room – which can be booked separately or together. The Courtyard is suitable for couples who prefer an open space, the Gallery Room is best for those who want a more private setting, while the Drawing Room features a lush view of the garden.

6. Alkaff Mansion

Courtesy of Alkaff Mansion

Alkaff Mansion is a historical mansion that was first built in 1918, and carries a romantic colonial design. Nestled in a hill, it offers a tranquil ambience, luxurious gazebos, exquisite sculptures and stunning garden formations. Its structural highlights, as well as its cuisine, make it an excellent location for couples with highly discerning tastes. The wedding ceremony and wedding photos will also look better thanks to the famous Telok Blangah Hill that serves as the backdrop for the Mansion.

7. Seb’s Bistro at Rochester House

Courtesy of Seb’s Bistro’s Facebook page for Events

Seb’s Bistro gives a classic, elegant touch to any solemnisation. Situated in the historical Rochester Park, it has a picturesque setting and congenial ambiance that is guaranteed to make any wedding even more romantic. It is also great for weddings with a guest list that includes children as not only does the Bistro stand in 10,000 square feet of garden space, it also features a playhouse especially for the kids. An evening celebration at the Rochester House – decorated with bright lights that reflect on the pond – is nothing short of magical.

8. Bedok Reservoir

Courtesy of National Parks Singapore

Didn’t know you can have your solemnisation at a reservoir? Well, you absolutely can. This one is for couples who want to make their wedding more unique and memorable by giving it a shade of adventure. Couples can have their solemnisation ceremony at the Floating Deck, which is a perfect spot to exchange vows in the midst of natural beauty. More than a solemnisation venue, the Bedok Reservoir is also a great location for couples to have their pre-wedding photography.

9. Gardenasia

Courtesy of Gardenasia’s Facebook page

Gardenasia follows the principle of “agri-tainment” – that is, to provide an entertaining and charming venue through natural, horticultural wonders. Gardenasia offers two open-air gardens. The first one is the Chapel, which is accessible only through a stone bridge and features an iconic stone structure, and the second one is the Franjipani, a smaller garden that features a countryside hut covered by a tall, idyllic tree. During the reception, couples have the option to either dine in the open sky or enjoy the cosines of the bistro.

10. Burkill Hall at the Botanic Gardens

Courtesy of Singapore Botanic Gardens

Couples can exchanges their vows of love at the historic Burkill Hall in the Botanic Gardens. This British colonial bungalow will certainly add a mesmerising touch to your solemnisation with its warm ambiance and overlooking view of the National Orchid Garden. The hall can be decorated with string lights and bare chairs to create a rustic effect, or adorned with floral arrangements and fabric covers for a classier feel.

11. Emily Hill

Courtesy of Emily Hill’s Facebook page

Emily Hill’s story is as great as it looks: formerly an abandoned colonial building, it was reconstructed by a crew of artists and designers who turned it into the magnificent venue that it is today. It serves as a symbol that great things can be made with love and dedication and that peace and tranquillity can be found even at the centre of a bustling city. The spacious garden, which is best decorated with outdoor lanterns, fairy lights and light drapes, is great for large, semi-formal weddings.

12. Goodwood Park Hotel

Courtesy of Goodwood Park Hotel

Goodwood Park Hotel offers couples an intimate solemnisation at its majestic Poolside Terrace or the vibrant Balinese-inspired Mayfair Pool. Both venues feature azure swimming pools that are sure to brighten the wedding atmosphere as well as charming plant arrangements. The Poolside Terrace has a pavilion that can offer shade and comfort to up to 100 people, while the Mayfair Pool is perfect for intimate weddings, able to cater to weddings with as few as 20 guests.

13. Jewel Box at Mount Faber

Courtesy of Faber Peak Singapore

When it comes to hilltop venues, nothing offers as much romance or a more stunning view than the Jewel Box at Mount Faber. A treasure trove of sensory experience, The Jewel Box features six unique dining rooms of various styles, with the Sapphire Garden being ideal for nature-loving couples. The garden is finely decorated with plants and other floral arrangements, and the atmosphere is hightened further by the cool sea breeze and blue sky. For couples who are proud of their love and want the world to witness their union, Sapphire Garden is the best place for their wedding.

14. Jurong Bird Park

Courtesy of Wildlife Reserves Singapore

Visualize a solemnisation in a splendid park filled with lively colourful birds, gushing waterfalls and luscious greenery – that is what couples get when they decide to exchange their vows at Jurong Bird Park. Here, couples formalize their union in front of the world’s tallest man-made waterfall to the sounds of the 1,500 birds homed in the park. At the end of the ceremony, couples can let fly a pair of lovebirds to symbolize their marriage and later, everyone can dine at the Lakeview Room while being surrounded by the park’s resident flamingos.

15. Labrador Nature Reserve

Courtesy of National Parks Singapore

Labrador Nature Reserve may not be the most romantic place to hold a wedding, but what it lacks in romance it makes up for in history and subtle beauty. What makes this place special is that apart from its beautiful sceneries – and it has plenty to offer of that – it is also a historic place, holding many wartime relics, as well as being a sanctuary for many of the country’s endangered flora and fauna.

16. Mandai Orchid Garden

Courtesy of Nile Guide

A place of serenity and the home to thousands of orchid plants, Mandai Orchid Garden features natural rock formations and even a waterfall. Couples can choose to solemnise their wedding either at the Gazebo, Arana Hall or the Water Garden. The Gazebo is an open space surrounded by colourful orchids, while the air-conditioned Arana Hall offers more shade and comfort, and the Water Garden makes use of the nearby pond and fountain to add serenity to any ceremony.

17. Marmalade Pantry at the Stables

Courtesy of Marmalade Pantry’s Facebook page

For couples who wish to have an intimate Western wedding, the Marmalade Pantry at the Stables is the perfect choice. This place offers a chic and cosy setting, wonderful scenery and some of the most delicious dishes that can be found in Singapore. The chefs and wait staff are wonderfully accommodating and the restaurant has a modern design that makes it easy for the venue to customize food and service to suit each couple’s tastes and preferences.

18. Night Safari

Courtesy of Wildlife Reserves Singapore’s Facebook page

Couples will surely have a memorable wedding celebration at the Night Safari. This venue fits thrill-seeker, nature lover and any couple who wants to make their wedding truly unique. The Night Safari’s Ulu Ulu Restaurant offers sumptuous local dishes served in a traditional village ambiance. After the celebration, guests can be treated to the popular Gourmet Safari Express to watch dance performances and observe creatures of the night.

19. Singapore Art Museum (Courtyard)

Courtesy of Singapore Art Museum’s Facebook page

The open-air courtyard of the Singapore Art Museum offers a romantic setting for couples who want to have a formal yet relaxed wedding. As the bride and groom exchange their vows, their words will mingle with the soothing sound of flowing water from the fountain and the rustling of leaves blowing in the wind, turning each ceremony a delight to the senses and in the heart. Alternatively, couples can have their solemnization at the auditorium and then head to the courtyard’s refreshing atmosphere for a pre-dinner reception and cocktails.

20. Japanese Garden

Courtesy of JTC Corporation

The Japanese Garden will add romance and serenity to any wedding thanks to its lush greenery, impeccably landscaped gardens and tranquil lagoons and streams. This is an excellent choice for couples who want to have a quiet ceremony without having to travel far. For a modest cost, the whole 6.5 acre ground of the Garden can be reserved. Couples can choose to have their ceremony at the Suiho En (the garden of water and fragrance) or Shoin Building, a covered venue that still provides a panoramic view of the whole garden.

21. Singapore Zoological Garden

Courtesy of Singapore Zoo

Every bride will feel like a princess as she rides a horse carriage on the way to her solemnisation at the Singapore Zoological Garden. The carriage and the lush greenery will certainly add a romantic and fairy tale ambiance to the wedding. Moreover, a miniature horse can even be requested to serve as the ring bearer. For the banquet, the party won’t have to shift to another venue as the kitchen staff is more than capable of preparing an appetizing meal.

22. National Museum Singapore

Courtesy of National Museum of Singapore’s Facebook page

The iconic National Museum Building is one of the most popular outdoor wedding photoshoot locations in the country. It has achieved its fame as a shooting location for newlyweds not only because of its Renaissance and Palladian architectural exterior, but also because of its modern interior which features a glass passage, stained glass rotunda dome and concourse. Inside or outside, the NMS makes for a grand and impressive photograph background.

23. HortPark

Courtesy of National Parks Singapore

HortPark is suitable for couples who want a hands-on approach in planning their wedding. For large parties (600-900 guests), it has an option of two spacious lawns – the HortLawn and Event Lawn – while more intimate gatherings (50 guests or less) can be held at the quaintly secluded Garden of Seasons. The beautiful natural settings of the gardens look beautiful either sparsely decorated or filled with one’s choice of wedding decor and seasonal flowers.

24. Ramada Hotel Singapore at Zhongshan Park

Courtesy of Ramada Hotel Singapore

For a fuss-free arrangement, you can entrust your garden wedding to the wedding planners and organizers of Ramada Hotel. You can hold your wedding at the stunningly verdant Zhongshan Park and then hold the wedding banquet at the hotel’s stylish Balestier Ballroom, perfect for an opulent, dazzling affair, or the private Zhongshan Room, which overlooks the park. The Balestier Ballroom is divided into three sections while the Zhongshan Room is divided into two, with each section available for booking individual or joint booking.

25. Armenian Apostolic Church of St. Gregory the Illuminator

Courtesy of Armenian Apostolic Church

A National Monument, the Armenian Apostolic Church is the top venue for private Christian weddings. The church is surrounded by beautiful natural gardens, which can accommodate up to 200 guests for an outdoor reception, while a ceremony inside the church can seat up to 100 people. The Church does not have a direct charge, but rather only requests for donations which go to its maintenance.

26. My Secret Garden at Middle Road (Closed)

Courtesy of Street Directory

Tucked in Middle Road is My Secret Garden, a café and bistro in one that features a quiet, sophisticated ambiance ideal for a cosy dinner with one’s closest friends and relatives. The al fresco dining area, while enclosed by bamboo stalks, is refreshingly cool. At night, with just the addition of some candles, warm lighting and choice hanging decor, the garden becomes a magical place where love can bloom.

27. The Lawn at the Raffles Hotel

Courtesy of Raffles Singapore

An idyllic location with a perfect Southeast Asian ambience, the Lawn at the heart of Raffles Hotel is a great spot for a wedding with a quaint, colonial touch. The Lawn features a large wooden gazebo, a spacious Bermuda lawn, water fountains, and lush tropical plants to create a scenic setting for all solemnisation ceremonies or receptions. Of course, couples also have the option to move their celebration to any of the Hotel’s magnificent suites, lounges and ballrooms.

28. Pasir Ris Park

Courtesy of National Parks Singapore

Pasir Ris Park is an excellent venue for couples who want a big garden space without spending too much. It has three large lawns: the Costa Lawn, Elias Lawn and Green Lawn which can accommodate up to a thousand guests each; while the 3.4 acre Native Lawn can be seat up to 2000 people. As a seaside park, there’s always a cool breeze at Pasir Ris so all couples need are some tentage and their wedding decor of choice to have a light, casual and fun wedding.

29. Singapore Zoo

Courtesy of Wildlife Reserves Singapore’s Facebook page

Every bride will feel like a princess as she rides a horse carriage on the way to the ceremonial venue or on her first march-in. Couples who feel more adventurous can even ride an elephant amidst their guests and the beautiful wildlife that roam the zoo. But more than its natural attractions, Singapore Zoo’s in-house staff also provides superb food and service that would match any catering company in the country, even assisting couples with their decor and other arrangements.

30. White Rabbit at Harding Road

Courtesy of The White Rabbit

The White Rabbit is a prime choice for a solemnisation venue with a rustic, classy touch. A stunning venue, this restaurant used to be a chapel that has been impeccably restored, creating a casual yet sophisticated atmosphere. They have a beautifully landscaped garden perfect for solemnisations, an alfresco bar where guests can gather for cocktails, while the main dining area is ideal for a light but formal lunch or dinner. At the White Rabbit, each wedding is sure to be a splendid and merry celebration.

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