Top 5 Indian Wedding Dress Boutiques in Singapore

Singapore as a melting pot of different cultures mean that we are able to be a part of many different festivals and celebrations, including weddings of course. Indian weddings in Singapore are in fact one of the most lavish affairs, with extravagant bridal attires that are just beautiful and exquisite beyond words. Here are the Top 5 Indian Wedding Dress Boutiques in Singapore for brides to be.


1. StyleMart

What started off as a tailoring shop in Changi Village in the 1950s, StyleMart has come to be recognised as one of the biggest names in the Singapore fashion landscape. Founded by Mr Gobindram Baxani, the name StyleMart is now synonymous with his granddaughter, Kavita Thulasidas, the managing director and lead designer whose vision is the soul of the company. The brand has since evolved to become high end fashion boutique in Singapore with clients ranging from the elite in Singapore to heads of state, royalties from around and afar.


A two tone Lehenga Choli that places emphasis on the floral motif appliqué on the lehenga. The tiffany blue shade of the intricately embroidered choli sets a charming contrast to the champagne hued lehenga making this set a definite unique piece.

stylemart-indian-wdress-2a  stylemart-indian-wdress-2b

A royal blue Lehenga Choli that is definitely made to impress, all eyes will instantly be drawn to the lavishly embroidered details on the hemline of the lehenga. A see through net saree in rich wine colour juxtaposes the cool blue hue of the Lehenga Choli set, enhancing its overall appeal.

stylemart-indian-wdress-3a  stylemart-indian-wdress-3b

Source: Stylemart Singapore

No effort was spared in making this set a masterpiece. The matching Lehenga Choli features elaborately adorned beadwork and intricate embroidery with extra details at the neckline of the choli and at the hemline of the lehenga. A lavishly decorated magenta net saree veil completes the stunning look.


2. Jinder’s Singapore

Established in 1995, Jinder’s Singapore is no stranger to the Indian Bridal Fashion industry in Singapore. Their expertise lies in Indian Haute Couture with stunning sarees, luxurious fabrics and made to measure outfits along with a selective range of fashion jewellery.



Varying shades of blue with gold details make this Lehenga Choli a striking piece to say the least. The eye-catching gold appliqué work on the cool blue hued lehenga and saree brings out the vibrancy of the entire gorgeous set.



A dazzling neutral tone Salwar Kameez with orange highlights that will surely leave an impression. The gold thread embroidered details on the kameez are stunning yet not too overbearing, giving the entire look a modest and elegant appeal.



Source: Jinder’s Singapore’s Facebook page

Similar to the earlier blue Lehenga Choli, this exuberant set features a bright and vivid green saree with gold trimmings and a matching lime green lehenga that enhances the vibrancy of the entire bridal dress, making it an unforgettable one.


3. Urban Sarees

Despite having only started in 2010, Urban Sarees is a name that has become well known for its stylish and classic designs. It retails North and South Indian designer and boutique wear and is well recognised in the Indian Bridal Fashion Industry in Singapore. From a range of daily wear to bridal dresses, Urban Sarees delivers top notch quality and service to its customers.

urban-saree-indian-wdress-1a  urban-saree-indian-wdress-1b

A bridal Lehenga Choli for the classy lady, this set exudes charm and regal elegance with rich purple tones and magnificent matching gold details on the saree and the neckline of the choli. More notably, the embroidered patterns on the lehenga catches the eyes easily, making this set simply stunning.

urban-saree-indian-wdress-2a  urban-saree-indian-wdress-2b

Vibrancy brought about by the lavender choli and bright pink saree and a similar shade of pink details at the hemline of the lehenga, this Lehenga Choli enhances the youthful glow of the bride. With contemporary embellished beadwork, this set would definitely appeal to the modern brides.

urban-saree-indian-wdress-3a  urban-saree-indian-wdress-3b

Source: Urban Sarees’ Facebook page

When it comes to Indian wedding dresses, there is no other more stunning combination than red and gold. This Lehenga Choli was certainly made to impress with its deep and rich red shade and all over gold details that are hard to miss. Without being too over-the-top, this set is the embodiment of majestic beauty.


4. Saheli Bridal

Saheli Bridal (also known as Saheli Bridal House), despite specialising in Northern and Southern Indian make-up and hair-do, also rents exquisitely designed and finely made traditional and modern bridal dresses as well as matching accessories for brides to be. Saheli Bridal is one of the more talked about and widely known brands in the Indian bridal fashion industry in Singapore.


A modern twist to the conventional bridal dressing, this white dress radiates a contemporary vibe while keeping its traditional charm. Golden thread embroidered details with silver and crystal bead embellishments all over the ivory dress makes it extra sparkly and luxurious.



A Lehenga Choli that draws attention with its radiant colours, the choli resembles a modern wedding gown bodice style with visible boning structures. The memorable details lie in the elaborately decorated hem of the net saree veil, giving the simplistic design a more sophisticated look.


Source: Saheli Bridal’s Facebook page

A wedding dress that is sure to bedazzle anyone, the details all over this set is astounding. From the saree veil to the entire dress, matching embroidered details adorn the royal blue outfit. This is one dress that will surely shine bright like a diamond.



Established just two years ago, is an online one stop shop for all Indian or Fusion Fashion and has come a long way in catering to a wide range of customers. The founders are in fact only in their mid-20s but are wholly passionate about Indian Fashion. was also the official sponsor for the National Costume and the Gown for Miss Singapore, Dalreena Poonam Gill, in the Miss World 2014 competition.


A Lehenga Choli that reflects the majestic and resplendent nature of Indian weddings, this set charms with the classic pairing of gold and red. The lehenga itself is an impressive embroidered work of intricate motifs that impresses with its own brilliance and elegance.


Looking like a princess bride will not be so difficult with this Lehenga Choli that shimmers despite its minimalistic appeal. Despite its seemingly simplistic design, the main attention grabbing feature lies in the opulent red, gold and silver thread details at the hemline of the fishtail lehenga.


Source:’s Facebook page

Strikingly similar to the first one of its kind, this Lehenga Choli is the brighter and more vibrant version of the classic design with the dark coloured maroon thread work replaced with a lighter and more striking shade of ruby red, making this set a definite one for the young and bold brides.

Indian wedding dresses are one of the brightest and most lavishly decorated dresses in the world. Not only do these bridal dresses make a bride look like a queen for the day, they also certainly do make her feel like one.

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