Your Guide to Bridal Fitting Part 1

Your bridal fitting is crucial in making sure that you wear your dream wedding dress and not something that is obviously for another bride. More than the gown’s style, it is its perfect fit that will make you look breathtaking. And perfect fit means having the dress at just the right tightness for your body, while still being comfortable enough for you to move in and enjoy your wedding celebrations.

Here is a guide on how to get your wedding dress to fit you perfectly:


1. Set up at least two appointments – Refer to your wedding preparations calendar to make sure that your fittings are done with enough time for needed alterations. Your first fitting must be set two months before your wedding while the last fitting has to be done a month before. You might need a third appointment for final alterations depending on your weight change. This is the best way to achieve a perfectly-tailored fit.

2. Control your food and water intake – To avoid being bloated during your fitting, avoid taking in fluids as we tend to retain water longer in our body. At least an hour before your fitting, keep yourself from snacking on salty food as this increases water retention. Also, drink less fluids to keep your abdomen as flat as possible. How slim you are on your fitting should be how slim you want to be on your wedding.


3. Wear the lingerie and shoes you will be wearing on your weddingYour lingerie greatly affects the fit of your dress, how it clings on your body, and how the fabric drapes. To achieve a seamless fit, you have to wear the right undergarments for the fabric and cut of the dress. Your shoes, meanwhile, will let you know if you need to shorten or lengthen the hemline of your dress.

4. Avoid wearing makeup – Your makeup will be decided later on. For your fittings, just consider how the dress complements your natural beauty. You also wouldn’t want to stain the dresses as you try on your dress. Just tie your hair back and moisturize your skin to let your natural skin color guide you in choosing the right dress. You need to have a clean look like a blank canvas.

These are only initial guidelines to help you prepare for your bridal fitting. It is important to be ready for it to help you get the dress in the style and fit that will make you the most beautiful woman on your wedding day.

To know more on what to do on the actual fitting, read Your Guide to Bridal Fitting Part 2.

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