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Ideas for Wedding Banquet Entertainment

Your wedding will primarily be a celebration of your love, but it also has many secondary purposes with the most obvious one being that it is big gathering of your loved ones. Thus, it is best to plan some activities for your guests to reduce the effort of having to personally entertain them throughout the night. Besides the standard wedding programs, such as showing videos and photo highlights, you can also personalize your wedding through other activities. Here are some ideas to inspire you. 1) Put Polaroid Cameras at Each Table What better way to remember your guest by than through cute snapshots captured in vintage-tinged Polaroid films. If you don’t have the extra cash to buy multiple Polaroid cameras, you can ask your friends to loan you theirs or ask guests to bring their own.
Polaroid Camera
2) Dance Floor for Your Guests While most Asian wedding banquets don’t have a dance segment, a dance floor is a great way to get your guests to interact with one another. The bride and the groom can share their first dance there or the bride and her dad can share their dance. In addition, slow dances also enhance the romantic atmosphere of your wedding. 3) Speech and Drama Speeches are nothing new for Western weddings but an incorporation of drama to the speech will make a world of difference! Best Man and Maids of honour love to share funny stories of the couple so why not get them to act it out? Not only will it be entertaining, it will also help engage the rest of the guests in the audience. 4) Interactive Table Games Give every table an alphabet and make them write a phrase of blessing or anything that describes the couple. For more traditional Chinese families, give them one Chinese character! Have the emcee read out the phrase from every table. This can be done while you change your gown for the second march-in. After the second march and you're seated, it is time to read the phrases out and have a good laugh! 5) Social Media With the invasion of iPads and iPhones into our society, why not take it as an opportunity to improve your wedding? If you are worried about the costs, know that some wedding planners in Singapore rent them for weddings. Place iPads all around the hall and allow guests to have a “live” update on their thoughts and feelings as well as post their well-wishes. In addition, the administrator can also make announcements and guide the guests through the wedding activities instead of the emcee constantly making announcements. These updates will be shown on the screen at all times so that people are constantly engaged.
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