Wedding Venues

Pros and Cons of Different Wedding Venues

Choosing the wedding venue is among the first decisions a couple has to make before proceeding to other wedding details. Unfortunately, with so many choices of wedding venues, many couples in Singapore find it pretty daunting to choose one. To help you decide on the right venue, here are the different kinds of wedding locations and a few of their pros and cons. It would certainly help if you already have an idea of the type of venue you are looking for and the theme of your wedding.



Weddings held in hotels exude sophistication and elegance. In Singapore, many hotel wedding venues – banquet or reception halls, for instance – are large enough to accommodate big parties. So for couples blessed with large family and social circles, the hotel is often the best and most popular wedding venue option. Planning for the food also gets a lot easier since most hotels include catering services in their wedding packages. Moreover, if you choose to have your wedding in a hotel, you won’t have any problem with its accessibility. Airports, bus stops, and train stations are just a drive or walk away from hotels within the city, making it easier for your guests to drive to and from their homes. Lastly, hotels provide you solid shelter in case of an unexpected shift of weather. On the contrary, hotels are not as famous as other wedding venues because of their cost. With all the convenience a hotel can provide, expect to spend a large fraction of your wedding budget if you wish to take this option.


Garden Gazebo

One of the best choices for an outdoor wedding venue is the garden or park. Mounting a beautiful gazebo, or just a simple marquee, in the middle of lush greenery adds to the lovely appeal of the setting. The abundance of flowers and shrubberies will certainly provide a lasting impression on everyone. Unlike hotels, parks and gardens as wedding venues allow you to pick your own choice of catering and vendors. A garden wedding is best held during spring or when flowers are in full bloom. However, although you don’t have to spend a lot on decorations, garden weddings can still be rather costly since you will have to provide everything – chairs, tables, toilets, sound system, and the transportation fees to and from the venue. Another downside is the unpredictable weather changes. If you’re going for an outdoor wedding venue, be sure to provide tents or large industrial fans for extreme weathers.


Tropical Beach

If you’re looking for a more relaxed and casual ambiance, a beach wedding makes a good choice. The best thing about beach weddings is that you get to save a lot on decorations, since the natural beauty of the sun, sand, and sea is more than enough. They will also double as backdrops for your wedding photos. In addition, having your wedding in a tropical beach resort saves you from extra honeymoon expenses. The beauty of the beach, plus the excellent services from the resort’s crew, will give you some romantic alone time with your new spouse. On the downside, though you may be saving money on some aspects, you might have to shell out more cash for travel insurance, accommodation, and recreational activities for both of you and your guests, as well as for large tents to keep everyone dry in case of sudden downpour.
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