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What Should be Covered in a Wedding Emcee Script

A master of the ceremony or emcee serves as the conductor of the wedding reception, the one responsible for directing the sequence of events of the program. While there is no fixed template for an emcee script, this guide includes the most commonly observed sections of a Chinese/non-religious type of wedding reception in Singapore.
Invitation to be Seated – At the appointed time, the emcee requests all the attendees to take their seats as the program is about to begin. Introduction – The emcee greets the audience, welcomes them to the couple’s wedding reception, and thanks them for coming. He/she then introduces him/herself, acknowledges the presence of important guests (parents of the couple, sponsors, etc.). The emcee should take special care to pronounce everyone’s names properly. First Photo Montage – The emcee directs the guests’ attention to a screen monitor, which will show a photo montage of the couple that shows them in their younger years. Firsts March In – Having set the right mood for excitement, the emcee requests everyone to stand up and cheer to welcome the newlywed for their first march in. Cake Cutting Ceremony – Once the couple has made their way to the stage, the emcee thanks them for the show and invites them to cut the wedding cake. It’s recommended that the emcee say something about the importance of this ritual as a symbol of marriage.

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Announcement of Dinner – The emcee informs the party that food will be served shortly and wishes that they enjoy what the hosts have prepared for them. A joke or two will be welcome at this time to put everyone at ease. Second Photo Montage – As the last dish or the dessert is being served, the emcee once again directs everyone attention to the screen, which will show another photo montage or a video clip. For Singapore weddings, this usually includes the couple’s preparation and the gatecrash ceremony earlier in the day. Second March In – The emcee announces the end of the meal and wishes that everyone have enjoyed the food. He/she will then ask everyone to stand up once again and welcome the couple on their second march in. Opening of the Champagne – Everyone remains standing as the emcee directs to couple to come on stage and open a bottle of champagne in preparation for the toast. Yam Seng – A unique feature to Singapore weddings is the yam seng, where the emcee asks the yam seng party to come to the stage and make the three toasts for the couple (for eternal love, for a lifetime together, and for many children). Everyone is asked to take their seats after this. The Newlyweds’ Speech – With everyone is seated and the party has taken a more serious mood, the emcee asks the bride and groom to give their speech or special messages to the guests. It is the emcee’s duty to give a short but heartfelt reply to the couple’s messages and assist them if they become too emotional.

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Picture-Taking with the Couple – The emcee announces that the couple will now go through each table to have their pictures taken with the guests. If someone will perform at this part, the emcee will introduce him/her. End of the Ceremony – The emcee concludes the event. On behalf of the couple and their families, the emcee thanks everyone once again for attending the reception and wishes them a pleasant evening ahead. Observing Western Customs – Many wedding receptions in Singapore now include Western traditions, such as the bouquet/garter throw. If this is observed, it is introduced and presided over by the emcee. While it may not be in the script, it is also the emcee’s task to inform guests of important information, such as the direction of the comfort rooms and the opening and closing hours of the bar.

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