5 Gatecrashing Ideas For Your Wedding

It seems to be every bridesmaid’s dream and every groom’s nightmare.

No, this is not the Western definition of ‘gate-crashing’; neither will it be a ‘how-to’ on disrupting a sacred white veiled occasion. If you’re looking for different ways to ruin a wedding ceremony (and subsequently get banned at weddings), keep looking.

‘Gatecrashing’ refers to door games, which is a pivotal aspect of a traditional Chinese wedding. The friends and family members of the bride would go to lengths to prevent the groom from entering the bride’s home, right at the her doorstep. In a Singaporean context, the term ‘gatecrashing’ makes perfect sense as most houses in Singapore have gates in front of the main door.

What happens at the gate then, are trials and tribulations awaiting the groom and his entourage. Marred by the bridesmaids, the groom then is expected to perform tasks asked of the bridesmaid- no matter how humiliating or ridiculous, all in the name of good fun of course to prove his love for his bride. Sometimes a substantial red packet to each of the bridesmaid is enough to do the trick. If course, nothing too extreme should be done, there are a few variations within the same theme; here are the more popular ideas:


1) Food

Sour, sweet, bitter and spicy (otherwise known as 酸甜苦辣) signifies the various phases in the newlyweds’ relationship, having a literal taste of all 4 flavours is a good measurement of how much a groom can endure. It is up to the bridesmaids, whatever concoction they come up with, as long as all 4 flavours are duly met. The idea is to fully maximise every single bud on the groom and his band of brothers’ tongues and expose them to a plethora of strange flavours only done by mixing the most unusual foods together. Whatever combination the bridesmaids present the groomsmen have to just chug with gusto. The reactions are probably the best parts when it comes to this force-feeding fiesta.

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2) Games

To show unity and determination, the groomsmen must show teamwork too. A game of Twister is a hassle free game, logistics-wise, the best option. What’s more the bridesmaid have the complete liberty to twist and morph these willing beings into all sorts of tricky positions they can conjure up in their minds. Of course there are all sorts of compromising games that might as well destroy the ‘bro-ship’ between the groomsmen, but if they are loyal enough, they will do it for the groom. Passing a Pocky stick with only their mouths, there’s bound to be some awkward tension, only the brave will prevail. Are the groomsmen ‘bro’ enough?

Photo by Renatus Photography

Photo by Avior Pictures


3) Money

Let’s be real, money opens many doors. In this case, a red packet will open the main door for the groom. A juicy red packet for each of the bridesmaid will be more than enough to convince them to let the groom enter. The bridesmaids are allowed to bargain for a ‘bigger’ (read: more money) red packet. If the groomsmen have proved themselves worthy through the multiple challenges, then perhaps its time the bridesmaid let the groomsmen in while the bridesmaid receive their reward.

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4) Test of Physical Fitness

Just when the groom and groomsmen think that NS is the final time they have to knock it down, well they thought so too early. The groom must be physically fit enough to be able to protect his bride from all the dangers of the world. Not that she can’t fend for herself, a girl can easily hold her own, her husband is just for added protection. Everyone will have to deal with the sweat and smell afterwards, so bridesmaids, don’t push your groomsmen too far, however tempting it seems. Just a little bicep action to make sure those arms actually work is good enough.

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5) Song and Dance

No better way to prove one’s love than by song and dance, be it a power ballad ‘I Will Always Love You’ where there are plenty of opportunities for the groom to go off pitch or a funky K-pop hit (Gangnam Style maybe?) where the dance moves speak for themselves. The expectant bride waiting in her room is probably able to hear every sincere fervent note the groom belts.

Photo by Avior Pictures

Photo by Avior Pictures


6) Lingerie/Make Up

Any hint of femininity displayed is ‘embarrassing’ for these macho manly men, so make them don lingerie and disposable underwear over their outfits. Or have them slather on layers of make up and tell them snidely, ‘I prefer the natural look actually’. It’ll be a hilarious display as the bridesmaids witness them fumbling with hooks and straps. Or hear their exasperated pleas ‘Please don’t jab it in my eye…ow ow!’ while applying eyeliner. Being a woman ain’t easy honey, let these groomsmen have a teeny tiny experience of what’s it like to be one.

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Photo by Renatus Photography

It might be hard to imagine the ambience during these games when pictures don’t do enough, especially if you have never planned or been part of a gatecrashing before. Here are some videos to give you an idea of what to expect!


Watch the full video here.

In an incredible plot twist, the groomsmen weren’t the subject of torture, instead, the bridesmaids and the groom had to complete the challenges! The groomsmen gave no mercy and were dutifully prepared. The groom and his crew had to present red packets, dip their hands into what appeared to be tubs of mayo and an assortment of food to search for Scramble tiles, eating an apple of a raffia string, performing a song which sounded like one from ‘Despicable Me’, guessing which lipstick mark belonged to his soon-to-be wife from a wall of Post-its with almost identical lipstick marks. All this had to be done before the groom met his bride waiting in her room.

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Watch the full video here.

Upon arrival, the groomsmen were given bibs with their names written on them and accompanying diapers with cut out letters stuck to them. The groomsmen were forced to drink a strange concoction eliciting various expressions of confusion and pain. The groom was then tasked to write ’10 Promises’ on a purple vanguard decorated with pink hearts. After giving the bridesmaid red packets with various currencies, the groomsmen were let into the house where the groom had to perform a Chinese song. His groomsmen supported him, waving their arms in rhythm; finally the groom was able to meet his bride in the room.

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Watch the full video here.

For this Caucasian groom and his groomsmen, gatecrashing may seem like a foreign tradition, it started of simple, with the first question asking the groom to describe in detail what the bride wore on their first date. The following activities included a flavour test with a cup of what looked like chrysanthemum tea, which the groomsmen downed, groomsmen putting on disposable underwear (each sprayed with a type perfume) on their heads and having the groom sniff the underwear to distinguish the perfume his bride was currently using. The groomsmen had to pass along a ball by tossing in into the cups tied around their crotch, and finally the groom belted out ‘Come What May’ from Moulin Rogue. He sure did earn every right to meet his bride.

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Watch the full video here.

The groomsmen were draped in newspaper skirts with newspaper pom-poms and had pull off a cheerleader styled cheer for the bride before proceeding with the rest of the challenges- they were no easy feat. They included blowing up a balloon before releasing the air to knock down a circle of empty plastic cups and continuing until all the cups have been toppled. The groomsmen had to throw a roll of toilet paper and run the distance to reach it before rolling it up again. They had a brown sheet wrapped around their waists while completing physical exercises. Using their mouths to pass a sheet of cling wrap from each groomsmen, tossing a Ping-Pong ball into a plastic cup attached at their crotches were next on the list. Dipping their feet into a tub filled with soap and ice cubes the groomsmen had to pick up mah-jong tiles with their toes with letters written on the back of the tiles, which they then had to rearrange. Just when you think the groom had finally made his way into the house, the bridesmaids have him read aloud and sign a contract (written by them) to honour his bride with- only then was he allowed to enter the bride’s room.

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Watch the full video here.

On arrival at the gate, the groomsmen are made to rotate around an umbrella with their heads fixed at the handle of an umbrella so they got real dizzy before they entered the porch. The groomsmen then moved onto sewing the initials of the couple and a heart on a piece of cloth. They were force-fed chopped bitter gourd amongst other questionable liquids for the flavour segment. In a hilarious display, the groomsmen blindfolded, had to feed one another beehoon, and an entire egg using chopsticks. The final act had the groomsmen re-enact a Bollywood dance from an iPad. Of course the groom could not meet his bride without declaring his ’10 Promises’ outside her room door.

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The excitement shown in these videos are just a little glimpse and a second-hand experience into what an actual gatecrashing event is like. Some couples choose to do away with gatecrashing as it seems like a waste of time, or simply because they don’t see the need for it. Whether or not a gatecrashing is included is entirely up to the couple to decide, but if you decide to have one, well the groom sure is in for a treat!

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